My Team is prepared to perform the following :

Generative AI auditing, reviews, and assessments are included below

• Review AI Technology Governance
• Interview Key personnel, e.g., data scientists and AI engineer
• Review AI and generative AI models.
• Evaluating data pipelines, training, and fine-tuning data
• Assessing the Algorithms
• Monitoring the Outputs
• Evaluating Regulatory Compliance
• Risk Management
• Document findings.

General Information Technology Audit

• Review the company’s IT general controls, e.g., policies and procedures.
• Scope and Plan the Audit with the client
• Assess Information Technology Security, such as data protection, network devices, application security, change management, disaster and recovery, and risk management.
• Write a report of findings.

Cybersecurity Audit, Assessment, and Review

My Team will utilize the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) 2.0, which guides industry and government agencies, and the NAIC Financial Examiner Handbook. The framework comprises six core functions: Govern, Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

1) Govern: The organization’s cybersecurity risk management strategy, expectations, and policy are established, communicated, and monitored.
2) Identify: The organization’s current cybersecurity risks are understood.
3) Protect: Safeguards are used to manage the organization’s cybersecurity risks.
4) Detect: Possible cybersecurity attacks and compromises are found and analyzed. 5) Respond: Actions regarding a detected cybersecurity incident are taken.
6) Recover: Assets and operations affected by a cybersecurity incident are restored.

All of the above Services are updated in real time.